There are a wide number of personal training businesses which have flourished in recent years. Here are 10 examples in London that have grown from one personal trainer into thriving businesses.


  • Six3Nine Personal Training

Six3Nine is a personal training business which has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Its founder James Conci-Mitchell started his own personal training business back in 2003.  While working as a personal trainer he realised there was a lack of career progression for people within this field. He founded Six3Nine to give his coaches the right tools to grow as personal trainers. This training not only impacts the coaches, but clients are also seeing great results due to the expert tuition they are receiving.

  • Jack Maroni Fitness

Jack Maroni started his own business back in 2010. Since then he has gone on to gain 8 years’ experience in the fitness industry with the City of London. JM Fit has grown from a one man personal training business to today where Jack is the leader of his own dedicated team. His overall ethos is to ensure that training for clients is fun and that they have an incredible experience while taking part in his programmes.


  • Roar Fitness

Roar Fitness is slightly different to your average fitness business. This is because it was founded by the three times Olympian Sarah Lindsay in conjunction with body transformation specialist Rich Phillipps. Therefore, they can offer a service including Olympic training experience, along with real body transformation techniques. Roar Fitness provides a large team of experts within their cutting-edge private training facilities in the heart of London.


  • The Fitting Rooms

David and Stephen Jordan are founders of The Fitting Rooms in London. David has real experience of trying to maintain an impressive body because he was a successful bodybuilder before starting this personal training business with his brother. Stephen, on the other hand, has real life experience of keeping fit, as he balances his working life as an accountant and keeping himself and clients in shape.  Although initially started as a two man team, this business has grown dramatically over recent years with 7 other members in their team.


  • Evolve Fitness

Tim Walker, the founder of his own fitness brand Evolve Fitness, has seen his personal training business grow rapidly over the last 10 years. Initially starting out as a personal trainer in 2003, he now has an experienced team of trainers at his disposal, to help him achieve the goals of his clients. Evolve Fitness is all about the simplicity of getting a client into shape, without too much focus on extensive training programmes. Dedication is all Evolve Fitness ask from all their clients.


  • Pilates PT

Hollie Grant is the action woman all clients would aspire to be. Hollie completed 7 marathons within 7 days for charity, and loves pushing herself to her limits. She is an extremely determined business who has created the Pilates PT. Her training is aimed towards women, building their confidence and overall figure through her renowned Pilates techniques. Pilates PT believes exercise can have a huge impact on not only your physical health but also your mental health.


  • Pure Fitness Shoreditch

Pure Fitness is a private training facility set in the fashionable east corner of London. This personal training business has a vast array of packages for all types of clients, with focusses on anything from weight loss to sports performance. Geoff Clement, the owner of Pure Fitness, has created this facility with the client in mind, providing bespoke training for all abilities.


  • Twist Studios

Adam Double founded Twist Studios back in 2009, creating a more relaxed atmosphere for his clients unlike the usual intimidating gym settings typically used by personal trainers. Now having expanded to three locations across London, in Lewisham and Forest Hill, due to an ever expanding client demand. Twist Studios is proud to retain their clients for long periods of time, with a vast number having stayed loyal to Double and his business from the outset.


  • Project Me

Project Me is not just a personal training business but a company who have combined a number of disciplines. Within this space in the heart of London, the focus on health is not apparent from the décor. Upside down flower pot lights and art on the walls, make it feel more akin to a modern art gallery. Do not be fooled though Project Me have classes suitable for all clients. They will sit down with you and create a bespoke plan, specific to your lifestyle and your overall goal.


  • Louise Parker

Louise Parker has created a business which combines her personal training with a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of life. Her main focus is on weight loss; therefore, Parker’s main focus is on healthy eating as well as regular exercise. What started as a small business, has grown dramatically, with over 30 staff members dedicated to getting the best out of her clients. Louise Parker admits it will not always be easy, but there are a dedicated team to hold your hand when things get tough.


Overall it is clear that there is a thriving personal training community in London. Each personal training business listed here can cater for any client, with teams dedicated to client satisfaction. If you are looking to get in shape a good place to start would be trying out some taster sessions at these businesses in the heart of London.

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