These creative ideas can take your healthcare marking to the next level. Using a variety of old and new marketing techniques you can create a captive audience and a large client base.

Research your competitors
Most importantly before you start any healthcare marketing ensure you do some serious research into your competitors. Without this research it is pointless even trying to start your marketing campaign. A good place to start is looking at their social media, website and advertising campaigns. Once this initial research is done more in-depth research can be conducted. This article by Darren Dahl is a good place help to understand the in-depth research required.

Use the media
Print media can be a powerful tool in healthcare marketing. A simple press release about your healthcare company could lead to wide local exposure. That said if no one picks up on your press release a much simpler way to get real exposure is through consistent and clear advertising campaigns in traditional print media. Maryanne Wolf provides scientific evidence to support the fact that brains take in more when reading physical paper print instead of digital print we see on mobile devices. It is a no brainer to give this type of marketing a go, especially at the start up stages of your business.

Invest time and effort to social media
Social media cannot be underestimated in this day and age. In the past ten years social media marketing has become much more important than ever as we become more and more reliant on websites like Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, to make your healthcare marketing successful real focus must be made on ensuring your posts on social media outlets really attract your target audience. Care UK Healthcare does this effectively by providing a clear and coherent message within their regular tweets on Twitter.

Contests and Giveaways
This form of marketing is much more traditional but is still as useful today. Everyone likes the chance to win. The 70% of the UK population who take part in the National Lottery proves this. So using contests and giveaways is a valuable way of creating a buzz around your healthcare marketing. Contests and giveaways do not have to be expensive either. A free treatment or product for the winner is an inexpensive way of looking generous to your potential clients. Vitality UK sets up regular competitions and giveaways to entice new customers to their insurance brand.

Short 500 Word Blog Posts
Regular and consistent blog posts on your website is an invaluable way of creating and keeping an interest in your business. These short blog posts can be used to be informative and give readers a short snapshot into what you do without them necessarily realising that this is the case. Two of the most useful ways of producing these types of blogs is by creating ‘Top 10 Lists’ or ‘Product Comparisons’. These forms of blogs seem to the untrained eye to be helping and assisting the reader which to a certain degree they are. But in conjunction with this your company is gaining exposure through the reading of the article and possibility of sharing. A Balanced Belly is great blog to look at for examples of how to create a variety of short blog posts.

Long 1000 + Word Articles
Now these forms of article and distinctly different to the blog posts discussed previously. Instead of being a short read for an audience who are not avidly interested in the healthcare field, long word articles provide a detailed insight into a certain area. The most common form of article is known as a ‘white paper’ and uses research to create a comprehensive article on a topic. This can take your healthcare marketing to the next level because it opens more opportunity for sharing. In this case the sharing is now amongst professionals within the healthcare field because of the academic nature of the articles. A perfect place to look for example articles is The Health Foundation.

Guest Posts
Healthcare marketing does not have to confine you to constantly write posts in house. It is also possible to invite outsider experts of the healthcare field to write articles for you. This is a ‘win win’ situation for any marketing campaign. Firstly, if your research is correct on your guest writer, you will receive outstanding free content. Secondly and possibly more importantly, you will gain their captive audience on social media because the guest writer is bound to want to share their work.

Video – YouTube
Video can really take your healthcare marketing to the next level. A high standard of videos about the services and products you provide is invaluable in these digital times. There is a wide number of medical orientated videos on YouTube currently. Those of a chiropractic nature are extremely popular and have gone viral. For a prime example look at Dr.Ian and his short videos in how his chiropractic skills have cured his patients. Using videos including your clients (with their approval) really could make your business go viral.

Image Sharing
Pinterest is a social image sharing network which is an easy way to create a portfolio of images about your business and what you have to offer. Smart and well thought out images on image sharing sites can help place your healthcare business in a new arena. This is not as hard hitting as most of the other healthcare marketing ideas discussed, but still exposes your business interests to a different audience. Hit Consultant are a prime example of a company who have exploited Pinterest to gain a following.

Using websites such as SoundCloud to create in-depth podcasts on healthcare and your business in general can really promote your product. Providing exclusive guest interviews and insights into the field also makes this form of marketing highly shareable. A & T Healthcare provide detailed podcasts on a regular basis. Each podcast is a deep analysis of the work they can provide to their clients.

Out on the streets
What cannot be underestimated is the power of meeting people face to face. Healthcare is after all about the relationship between the client and provider. Therefore, healthcare marketing cannot just be confined to the online sphere. A useful promotion idea could be free on the street consultations, but of course this all depends on what type of healthcare business you are in.

Everywhere you look today there is sponsorship whether it be the Coca Cola London Eye or Santander Cycles. Sponsorship in an area which has links to healthcare is a skilful way to market your products. A starting point could be local sports clubs or gyms.

eBooks are not something which naturally springs to mind when you think of healthcare marketing. A collection of eBooks linked to your area of business can put you on the map for all the right reasons. As long as your eBooks are well researched and original your company will now look professional and extremely knowledgeable

Online Magazine
Similarly, online magazines also provide a space to make your company look as professional as possible. A magazine is an easy way to use up your blog posts and articles in an attractive way. In this case it is not just the copy which needs to be of a high standard. Top quality design can give your magazine and therefore your healthcare product a high end feel with relatively little effort.

Infographics are an innovative way of conveying a large amount of information in an interesting way. Your healthcare marketing really could benefit from using these. The more scientific elements of your products and services can be explained without the seeming boring or uninteresting. Infographics scattered in among your social media campaigns really can produce results. Look at Daily Infographic for some examples, they provide the best examples daily.

Business Cards
These may sound boring and dated but a professionally made business card is still a valuable tool. 1000 business cards can go a long way. For each happy client give them 3 or 4 business cards, they are bound to give them out if they are in their purse or wallet. Sometimes the traditional ways can be effective.

Healthcare Specific Talks
How your business is presented is key to your success. If you are a specialist in the healthcare field or can supply a unique product talking healthcare seminars and expos can help propel you and your company to a new level. This will take guts and real dedication to make these talks a success, but once you are networking at these types of events the opportunity for success is much higher. The next Health and Care Innovation Expo will take place in Manchester in September 2019.

Open Days
An open day at your business premises could be beneficial. Once again it is more traditional but the human aspect of such an event cannot be underestimated. Depending on your business itself, it could be a family open day, or a more serious open day targeted at adults. Whatever it is make sure your clients are going to learn from their experience and feel comfortable and able to rely on your company.

Use your client/patient stories
These client stories can be created in several varying formats. Whether it be through the power of images showing the impact of your healthcare products or a compelling article describing someone’s treatment or experience with your product. Slimming World UK post regular stories of this kind on their website. They use both photographs and text to convey the success of their product.

Create a hashtag unifying your audience
The last and probably most powerful tool you can create for your healthcare marketing campaign is a catchy hashtag. A hashtag can make your business go viral. Of course, this form of marketing is somewhat hit and miss, but if you somehow do nail this the rewards are potentially huge. A hugely influential hashtag by Arkansas Children’s Hospital was #100DeadliestDays. It raised awareness of dangers to children and how to prevent injury. This form of marketing drove home an important message while also portraying the hospital in an extremely positive light.

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