There are a number of marketing strategies that can help boost your gym business. The majority of these are digital forms of marketing. Here are 25 strategies for your gym:


  1. Create a User-Friendly Website

Ensuring your website is of a high standard has to be one of the most important marketing strategies for gyms. If your website is of a poor standard the likelihood of somebody deciding to join your gym is drastically lowered. Your website should be easy to use but well presented. A website with simple navigation and a clear design can make your gym business really stand out.

  1. Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool which allows you to set how your business appears on a Google search. Important information such as business name, location and opening hours can all be put up. Of course, ensuring all this information is on Google and completely up to date is essential. To make your business look professional make sure all of this is completed with as much information as possible. These simple things can really make a big difference.

  1. Video Content Marketing

Video marketing can be a highly effective way of getting your gym business on the map. If you produce consistent and interesting videos they can be a powerful tool in promoting your business. Short videos of your most successful classes or a full taster workout video can really help entice new custom. This is one of the most powerful marketing strategies for gyms.

  1. YouTube

One of the best arenas for video marketing to take place is on YouTube. As the most widely used video content website in the UK and US you would be stupid not to exploit it. In recent times YouTube videos highlighting healthy living and eating have been growing in popularity. Therefore, a campaign of consistent and interesting videos could lead to more than just local exposure putting your gym business on the map.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used marketing strategies for gyms and for good reason. Facebook allows businesses to not only reach out to their current clients but also attract new clients. This form of social media allows you to create your own business page for free. Through this page a plethora of content can be distributed to your audience from product services to images. Facebook’s adaptability allows you as a business to show your more human side and form a relationship with your clients.

  1. Twitter

Simple and well-timed tweets can make a difference to your business. Delivering bit sized information on Twitter can be a highly effective way of creating an audience. This information does not have be directly about your business. An inspirational gym/sport related message is much more powerful to your marketing. This leads to retweets and in turn exposure for the gym.

  1. Instagram

Marketing strategies for gyms does not get simpler than posting regular images on Instagram. All you need is a decent camera and an artistic eye. Instagram is a place to show off your gym in every way you can. Inspirational images of people working out is a good way to start. Also try and show your human side with images of staff working hard to ensure your gym is the best place to work out.

  1. Gym Promotions

An enticing promotion can produce real digital gains for your gym. If a promotion stand outs for all the right reasons, it is surprising how quickly information such as this is reshared and retweeted. Just ensure your promotion is the best it can be and watch your following grow overnight.

  1. Referral (Doctors, Physio Therapists etc)

Referral is a marketing strategy which tends to be forgotten. Of course, to receive referrals you must first form a relationship with healthcare professionals such as doctors and physiotherapists. Once this relationship is formed there is no going back, and your gym should receive a steady flow of new clients regularly.

  1. Weekly Newsletter

A weekly newsletter may seem an outdated concept but used correctly they can be powerful marketing strategies for gyms. Emailing weekly updates to your clients can help to build a community around your gym. This form of less aggressive marketing can provide results though. Happy clients are much more likely to recommend a gym business to their friends.

  1. Monthly Winner

An easy way to also help bolster this community concept is to have monthly fitness competitions. These competitions are open to everyone and do not have to be necessarily awarded to the fittest people at the gym. They could for example be awarded to the hardest working. Or you can take this one step further and have funny awards, such as ‘shortest workout’.

  1. Coupon Deal

Coupons are another marketing strategy which have become more and more popular in this digital age. Whenever most people make a purchase online today, they tend to check to see if there are any online coupons to get a discount. This form of discount coupon can really entice clients to your gym because they feel they are getting a great deal.

  1. Schedule Online Classes

Online video classes are becoming extremely popular. If your gym can produce gym classes for an online audience, it will allow those who cannot visit the gym to feel part of you community. Of course, your charges for an online gym course would be significantly lower. This lower fee is not all negative because it leads to more exposure to your brand.

  1. Online Booking System

As more and more people rely on their portable devices it is important businesses adapt. One of the most important marketing strategies for gyms is to ensure that an online booking system is in place, so your clients can book onto classes on the go.  This will make your clients happy and more likely to recommend your business.

  1. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is one of the less popular marketing strategies for gyms. The reason for this is obvious. Businesses are unwilling to pay for advertising which is no guarantee of leading to more clients. As long as you do your market research paid advertising can be highly successful. If you ensure you research the demographics of your target market, advertisements on websites such a Facebook should not be ignored or frowned upon.

  1. Blog

An informative blog is a simple way to make your gym look professional. Blog posts on fitness and health can help take your business to a new level. No longer are you just a business, now you are a place to look for relevant insights into the fitness world. As a gym an easy way to gain interest in your blogs is through ‘Top 10’ lists. Within these lists products can be included, then you can ask the businesses themselves to reshare. This form of exposure is ultimately free, but the new audience reached could potentially be vast.

  1. Loyalty program

A loyalty program is a simple way of enticing customers to sign up and also retain them. A card stamping system is an easy way to do this. Like your typical coffee shop once this card is full a free item will be given out. In terms of your gym a sports related gift with your logo on it is probably a good place to start.

  1. Monthly Competitions

Monthly competitions are another way of keeping your clients happy. Simple competition ideas are usually the best. Make sure that this competition is free for all members to enter. One competition idea which could be of interest, is the member with the most recommendations to your gym. The winner will receive a prize and you will more new members.  It is literally a win-win situation.

  1. Web Seminars (Live Feed)

Similar to the impact of a blog, informative and professional webinars can grow your gym business. A weekly or monthly live feed on a topic of interest to your target audience is a valuable tool in accessing more clients. If you can produce high quality content, your potential clients will think the same high quality will be reflected in your business.

  1. Weight Loss Classes

Losing weight has always been one of the primary factors for amateurs going to the gym. Therefore, it is important that marketing for your gym reflects this. Weight Loss Classes are a way in which your gym can bring in a whole new client base. Marketing strategies for gyms tend to ignore these weight loss classes. Make sure you are not one of these and make sure your gym is inclusive for all shapes and sizes.

  1. Streamline Payment (Online)

No one wants to go to the gym to sign up and pay. Most people are more than happy to sign up and pay online. Get online payment if you want your customer numbers to grow.

  1. Email

Use the email addresses you have for your clients. It is a powerful advertising tool other than the weekly newsletter. Email your clients about new promotions or even new videos you have produced. As long as you do not spam your clients, gentle encouragement on your brand is not a bad thing.

  1. Summer Body Promotions

We have all done it. We have all longed for that summer body ready for our holidays abroad. Very few actually achieve this goal, but the idea of a summer body is still powerful message. Many marketing strategies for gyms uses this concept year in year out. Do not be the only gym in the area not to exploit potential client’s ambitions. This is the same for the ‘New Year New Body’ craze. Do not be afraid for your marketing campaigns to reflect these ideas.

  1. Create Infographics

Infographics are a powerful digital marketing tool that most businesses are using today. They are especially useful for gyms because infographics can help put across scientific data. Infographics on interesting topics are commonly shared, so ensure your gym business starts producing them.

  1. Recognisable Logo

For each of the marketing strategies for gyms described ensuring you have a clear brand is key. A recognisable logo is essential. On every piece of marketing you do this logo needs to stand out and stick in the viewers mind. This will ensure everything from blog posts to web seminars will all be instantly recognised as your business. Without consistency across all your marketing these strategies will not be as successful.


It is clear that the key to success does not lie in just implementing one of these strategies. A well thought out marketing campaign across all the areas discussed above could be extremely fruitful for your gym business. Just take the time to ensure your branding is instantly recognisable and different from your competitors. Then your gym business will see real digital gains.

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