7 Creative Gym Marketing Ideas

In today’s era, the task of marketing is more complex and simpler at the same time. Like most industries, fitness and marketing for gyms thrive in the digital age, as digital marketing can help you promote your gym to their ideal target audience.

Gym marketing

Here are 7 of the many creative gym marketing strategies made possible by today’s day and age.

Summer body promotions

This is actually quite a common strategy that many gyms and other fitness organisations use before summer, usually after Christmas when people decide to start working on having the perfect body just in time for summer. It is common for a reason, and that is efficiency. Many successful gyms promote such events on Social Media because it is a great tool to instantly empower people and give them immediate access to details of your gym. Furthermore, the range of creative angles you can approach such campaigns from is extremely large and easy to play around with, not to mention easy to be exposed and distributed practically instantly via Gym Social Media marketing.

Design a catchy logo

Logos are the face of your brand, so it is not rocket science the fact that the more creative and unique the logo is, the more attractive it is and bound to bring about followers and customers. It is certainly worth putting a lot of thought into it but it does not necessarily need to be complex. Logos can be appealing to the eye and attractive even as simple and direct symbols. Creativity does not always mean complexity. The internet, as vast as it is, provides access to a lot of sources and tools of inspiration. One of them would be 99designs. Needless to say, the logo should be present in every marketing element present anywhere, as it is generally the first thing people see.

Gym email marketing

Marketing for gyms is not much different from other types of organisations’. Evidently, email marketing is a viable way of boosting your gym’s exposure and presence, but it is the most effective when it comes to directly reaching potential customers in a very cost-effective manner. Email marketing goes a long way towards connecting with your audience and promoting your brand. It tells a story. Make sure your emails are nicely composed and well-written, so people will be feel the need to share them further down the road. There are plenty of tools such as templates for email marketing readily available on the internet. An example of such a tool would be MailChimp.

Creatively expose your courses and everything that you offer to the public

Listing the variety of different types of courses is always a good idea. Different people have different needs. While some are interesting in developing a lot of muscular fibre, others want to simply lose weight or mainly gain muscular mass. So showing what you have to offer is a good idea since you never know what in particular can catch a potential client’s eye. It could be the attractively creative layout design, which never hurts. This certainly doesn’t have to be made entirely digitally. Fliers can be distributed to commuters or simply slid into mailboxes, which is a surprisingly effective way of reaching a lot of people, considering that every now and then there is this one type of person from whom a flier gets more attention than a picture popping on social media as they scroll does.

Invest in a website

Having a website for your gym in today’s day and age should be a matter of principle. It automatically makes people think of you as a professional establishment and gives them access to information such as lists of courses, location, staff members and their bios, hours of activity, contact info and more. All of this can be laid out with the help of talented and creative web designers who will convey that info in a superior and aesthetically pleasing work of art. The design matters, because the first thing people see on your website is its design and functionality, before reading the content.

Gym Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the primary platforms where businesses unleash their digital marketing strategies. On the one hand is it a perfect platform to distribute images and videos that give the public a glance into the internal function of your gym. The captions and the overall word arrangement can compel people to actively participate in your online community.

Create infographics

There are no limits when it comes to how artistic infographics can get, but everybody is to some degree drawn to information conveyed in an organised and highly visual manner. They can communicate information of topics ranging from types of nutrition to groups of muscles used in certain exercise techniques. If those are distributed online and manage to draw people’s attention, they will automatically be redirected to your gym.


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