Dental Website Design is key to acquiring clients and up-selling

The need for a functional & elegant dental website design

Dentistry is an expanding industry in today’s day and age. According to the UK Dentistry website, dental practice has grown by 12.3% in 2017 in Great Britain. Experts are currently predicting significant further growth throughout the rest of the year and that the dental sector will experience high demand and good market liquidity in 2018.

Considering that the market for dental care is rapidly expanding and the increasingly large number of dental practitioners available and emerging, dentists have to deal with competition. In a competitive environment, the key to standing out consists of solid marketing tools, especially online. Therefore, what every dentist should have in order to ensure a fulfilling career progression is a website. The public demand is great, and you want to be among the dentists whose offices’ waiting rooms are filled with people reading magazines expecting their turns.

Fit Londoners can put together the perfect dental website design

As the world’s first digital gym, we at Fit Londoners team up with practitioners in domains such as health, fitness, and well-being. Needless to say, dentists are part of our inclinations. We offer a range of services that include the meticulous creation of original websites designed to captivate and generate visitors and potential clients. Consider that potential patients will want to conduct in-depth research about you and your practice before deciding whether they want your services. A website is the tool they will use to gather information about you, and we have a whole system in place.

Here are the 6 steps we take toward a successful dental website design project.

6 steps toward a successful dental website design

Identifying the dental website’s goals

At the beginning, we settle down and discuss with you the specific goals you want for your website. For example, you may choose for it to be primarily a hub of information where people can learn detailed information about you. Visitors could learn about your educational background and professional growth. Another example would be a more practical interactive website, where people can book appointments and make payments. Certainly, a balance between the two can be achieved if you so wish.


 Dental Website Design


Defining the scope

The second stage of the process consists of discussing a scope based on the previously identified goal. The scope refers to the types of pages and features the website will need in order to reach that goal. As an example, when it comes to dental care websites, a useful feature would be an option to book an appointment online, with a built-in calendar.

Creating your website’s sitemap and wireframe

After the scope has been defined, we are going to work on the sitemap, which is a crucial part of a dental website design, largely because of the call to action concept. It will reflect the interconnection between the website’s pages and features. This is going to be part of our user experience efforts, and we will aim to engage visitors by making sure we deliver the pages they look for. For example, they will almost always want to read about you. This means that an ‘About’ page will be among the very first things they will look for. In this case, the page will be exposed and visible, in a way in which the visitors will not have to search for it for too long.


 Dental Website Design


Creating your content

Indeed, writing your content counts among the services that we offer. We have a team of creative copywriters ready to bend words to their will and deliver original pieces that will enable the dental website design to engage your potential clients. The content on each page will be written accordingly. We will ensure that the end result will provide visitors with the information they look for, such as your establishment’s location and, say, a list of the top 10 best dental hygiene products. Furthermore, proper search engine optimisation will be managed throughout the process. This way, Google will rank your website among the top search results.

Embedding visual elements

This is where the process turns more to the creative side. Our creative geniuses will ensure the overall layout design and aesthetic appeal of your website. Additionally, our services also include video production and photography, which among other aspects, are very effective in terms of conversions. It is a good idea to include videos in your dental website design, because they often engage visitors the most. The medium is currently regarded at the most efficient information relay, and with the help of video editing software, we can create a harmonious balance between information conveying and aesthetic appeal. It would be a good idea, for example, to include an introductory video about yourself on your ‘About’ page. Visitors will be compelled to click the play button at the sight of it and will learn in short what they need to know about you. It helps if you smile, because your healthy teeth are an extension of your business card that people want to see. We also manage photography distribution. Our team can both create and curate images. It will be a good idea if the first thing visitors see when they access your website is a photo of you (again in which you smile).



Final design feedback loop and PSD Mockups

Our design team will work on the website’s appearance and functionality based on the user interface and user experience elements previously agreed upon. The entire dental website design will be bespoke and original, and no pre-made templates will be used. Throughout this phase, we consolidate the intentionality of the design using specific elements within the pages to help promote various actions, such as using the search bar to find more information, ‘find out more’ page extensions, and accessing specific dental treatment information and corresponding lists of prices.

Once we are done, you will have the final say and provide us with your feedback, allowing us to add any final touches and to ensure you are perfectly happy with the final result of the website design process.

What good does it do?

Proper marketing is crucial for the success of any type of career. This means that you want people to see you and learn about you, which requires the exposure a website can provide. After everything is completed by the book, you will begin to see gradual increases in the number of customers. It will be thanks to your solid credibility and sense of genuine professionalism.

If you’re ready to start making those digital gains, we offer free consultations and audits for those looking to improve their branding and website design. Simply click here to find out how to get started with us!

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