Why investing in a doctor website design as a medical doctor is important for your career and your patients

Why are doctor website designs a must?

The number of registered doctors in the UK is quite scarce if you consider recent statistics. According to The Statistics Portal, there were around 201, 947 licensed medical practitioners in 2017. This means that, considering the UK’s total population of 66, 181, 585, a little under 66 million people are naturally not medical doctors, and there are around 326 people for each medical practitioner. This emphasises the public’s need for doctors and for access to a display of their history and expertise.

The public’s accessibility to doctors is an essential key to their health and the overall professional success of the doctors themselves. Patients want doctors to have solid doctor website designs because they need to become familiar with their practice before they set foot in their clinic. With this being said, it is almost an absolute certainty that a website will succeed, since the demand for doctors and their websites is so great, and it can also prove to be a very efficient marketing asset. It will bring new visitors, which are potential patients. They will want to gather as much knowledge about you as possible before even considering scheduling an appointment. The best such websites available have little to no shortage of details. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to stand out in the medical industry as a doctor with a website, since, again, there is significant scarcity.

Fit Londoners’s doctor website design

At Fit Londoners, we take on the responsibility of carefully providing a doctor website design for you. We will work alongside you during a portion of the process to ensure that the end result lives up to your expectations.

Here are the 6 steps we take toward a successful Doctor website design project.

6 steps toward a successful Doctor website design project

Goal identification

During the first stage, we are going to decide on the goal of the website. Although a medical website has a quite evident purpose, we will decide on its specificities with your help. For example, you can either choose for it to be focused more on providing information, or on practicality such as online payments and bookings. Or perhaps you would like both. We will decide that here.


doctor website design


Scope definition

Once the goal has been decided, we will proceed to defining the scope of the doctor website design. The scope refers to, for example, the number of pages, their types, the kind of content they will display, and features. As this is the medical industry, some example of pages would consist of:

-Some history about yourself, such as your superior studies and past successful treatments.

-The equipment you have at your disposal with descriptions

-Options to book appointments, particularly via a built-in calendar

Sitemap and wireframe creation

After the scope has been defined, we will proceed to the sitemap. It will essentially be a map of the website’s functionality, illustrating the interrelation between the content and features. This is a crucial design element for the user experience as it facilitates the amount of time users spend on your website, along with new visits. For example, it would be advantageous if the patients firstly read the ‘About’ page and got accustomed to your practice, and then had their eyes drawn to a “Book an appointment” option. This last bit will account for the call to action design element.


doctor website design


Content creation

We are going to take care of your doctor website design with the content in mind. Each individual page will have its own specific content, and it will be based on thorough research and tight collaboration with you. Our copywriters are talented, creative, and can craft powerful pieces that will engage your visitors. Your clients are going to want to read about your education, for example. We are going to craft a piece around that which triggers a mild sense of attachment in the users. Furthermore, as we undertake this task, we are going to take care of the necessary search engine optimisation so your website is ranked among the top results on Google.

Visual elements

This is where the doctor website design process’s creativity reaches its peak. The visual elements include videography, photography, and the overall aesthetic appeal of the website. We offer a video production service that grabs and sways your potential patients, increases conversions, everything alongside image creation and curation. For example, the page about yourself and your history can feature a video that summarizes the information displayed there. The users will be drawn to it and its message, and are very likely read the details afterwards. Also, naturally, it would be a good idea if your potential clients saw a picture of you among the first things on your website, so one should be displayed on the ‘Home’ page.



Final design feedback loop

Towards the end, we are going to rely on your feedback and make all the necessary revisions and changes until you are perfectly happy with the result.

The outcome of your doctor website design

At the end, you will have an authentic and professional-looking website with a range of features and information about you and your practice. Depending on the website nature that you choose, there will be a variety of benefits for both yourself and your patients. On the one hand, you will have a solid marketing tool that will ultimately lead to more patients who trust you and possibly, in turn, to good word of mouth. On the other hand, the clients’ need to become fairly familiar with your practice will be fulfilled and they will feel comfortable going for the ‘Book an appointment’ option.

If you’re ready to start making those digital gains, we offer free consultations and audits for those looking to improve their branding and website design. Simply click here to find out how to get started with us!

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