Branding and Corporate Identity

Who are these digital gains for?

Just starting out and need a logo and brand that are inline with your product or service?

Need support in developing a fitness brand?

Have a new product or service that needs separate designs.

What will these digital gains give me?

A brand identity that is unique, easily noticeable and speaks directly to my target audiences.

Along with all the rules that you need to keep your identity constant.

What will these digital gains give my client?

A clear way to identify your brand and distinguish you from your competition.

“Brand identity is one of the primary means by which product or service offerings are distinguished in the eyes and minds of consumers”.
-The Media Online.

“A resonant and consistent identity helps to convey trustworthiness in online channels”.
-The Media Online.

Developing fitness brands and logos

Power your business forward with a strong fitness brand that connects with your target audience and builds brand loyalty. A clear brand strategy will also promote a value driven business with clear cut goals to empower employers. Make your business stand out by shaping your brand to give a desired impression of the company which reflects your brands culture.

Our branding services are robust.

First, we research your target audience and competition, ensuring that we have a keen understanding of your fitness brand. This allows us to formulate a brand voice and guidelines that will resonate with that group.
Our diverse in-house creative team has years of experience in brand creation and evolution and are able to produce powerful designs which will shape your brand’s identity around its core values.  We work to develop fitness brands by implementing solid brands rules that are simple to follow and keep as your company grows.

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