Gym website design is your key to digital gains

Why you need a Gym website design that gives you digital gains

Fit Londoners can create your Gym website design in 6 steps – Here’s How!

Your website is a bridge between your business and your clients. Good gym website design makes it easy for them to find you, understand what it is you offer and to sign up for a membership. Innovative content can greatly increase your traffic, while features such as a call to action implemented into the design elements will bring about conversions. It’s important to strike a balance between the Creativity and practicality of the website. You want visitors to get a feel for your brand and your fitness inspiration, but just as importantly, it should be easy to find out where your gyms are located and how to become part of a class.

Tap into the market

The demand for quality gyms is ever increasing. The constant growth of the fitness industry, which grosses billions annually, is proof that we are now more health conscious than ever. Thanks to the avid uptake to new technology like fitness apps and wearable equipment, which tap into our constant interaction with technology, surveys have found that 81% of Millennials exercise compared to only 61% of the people from the previous generation. Which means this is the perfect time for you to get your gym website design right. An innovative website with a smooth and user-friendly UI will draw in sales.

Your gym website design could benefit from a creative approach tailored just for you and your clients. At Fit Londoners, our expertise lies in crafting original websites from scratch which help market businesses like yours thrive in the fitness and health industry.

Here are the 6 steps we take tailored toward a successful Gym website design project

6 steps Restaurant website design project

Identifying your goals

Identifying your goals is the first step to creating a focused website that brings real results. The main purpose your gym website design should serve is to get more members to sign up. Does your gym focus on a sport such as Boxing or MMA, offer activities for a specific age group or have dedicated personal trainers? Knowing your target audience will help us tailor the site’s design elements to appeal to them, get them to engage and increase the likelihood of them signing up online. In order to do this they must identify with your brand and your website has to have the functionality to enable them to see what’s available and easily sign up, which takes us to the next point.



Scope of your website

Once the goals of your site have been established, the next step is to consider its scope. If, for example, your gym offers personal trainers, it would beneficial to have an interactive page with the PT’s personal bio and details of their schedules. This would allow members to easily see what’s available and book themselves in, cancel appointments, or ask a specific PT a specific question. Another feature that might be useful to have on your site is a page showing off your facilities and equipment. Pictures and videos create a much stronger impression than words alone. Creative media content that’s well-shot and edited will give potential clients a clear picture of what you have to offer and entice them to sign up for a membership.

Mapping out the path to success

Behind the scenes of every website is the sitemap and it’s the key to optimising your website’s UI (user interface) and UX (user experience), to ensure the user can easily find their way around. For a gym website you want to lead your visitors from your homepage to a page with schedule information where they can easily see what’s available and sign up straight away. It might be a good idea to also direct them to an events page, showing them current and upcoming events and classes will tempt them into trying them out.



Content like no other

You can expect specialised content that speaks directly to your clients. Coming up with innovative content that is optimized for SEO is our forte and will guarantee improved search engine rankings. This makes your site more visible and easier to find for people searching for gyms.

Visual elements for your website

The power of visual elements is undeniable. Your brand image is one your most important tools in growing your gym business. It is therefore important that all images and videos contribute to and reinforce your brand. Videos in particular are an effective tool, especially for gym website designs. They provide you with the opportunity to show your facilities in action as well as share engaging content like workout tips to draw in more clients.



Final feedback

This is the final stage of the design process. We present you a mock-up of the website and give your feedback our undivided attention. Once we’ve made the necessary revisions and you are perfectly happy with the result, the website will be ready to go live.

What do you gain from Restaurant Website Design ?

If you’re ready to start making those digital gains flow, we offer free consultations and audits to anyone looking to improve their gym website design, simply click here to find out how to get started with us!

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