Why having a professional healthcare Website design is crucial for all healthcare establishments

The importance of a solid healthcare website design

According to Export.gov, the UK’s large and sophisticated healthcare industry is divided between the National Health Service (NHS), and the smaller private segment. The private segment is mainly funded through private medical insurance with the balance made up from both local and abroad patients. However, the private sector is growing, and the overall public demand for healthcare services follows along.

A growing industry generally also means a growth in competition. In this type of environment, whether you are an optician, podiatrist, the owner of an independent pharmacy, or any kind of medical practitioner, there is need for a website to use as a marketing tool. When people have such a varied selection of health centers and clinics to choose from, a website is crucial in making you stand out. They will use it to gain information about you and build their trust in what you bring to the table, and this requires a proper healthcare website design.

How Fit Londoners can bring you a genuine healthcare website design

As the world’s first digital gym, we at Fit Londoners work with industry professionals from the health and fitness sectors. Our services range from video production to digital marketing and website design. Our team of creative geniuses will put together a virtual masterpiece that will boost your credibility and elevate your rank in the healthcare industry. As professionals, there is a set sequence of 6 steps we take toward a successful website design project.

Here are the 6 steps we take tailored toward a successful healthcare website design project

6 steps Restaurant website design project

Identifying the goal

The first step of the process will consist of discussing the website’s goals. Needless to say, it will be tailored to the target audience. For example, if you are an independent pharmacy, it would be a good idea to offer information about certain products along with your rating and location. The most successful pharmaceutical websites on the web have this type of content.


healthcare website design


Defining the scope

After the goal has been settled, we will proceed to discuss the scope of the healthcare website design project. This refers to the types of pages and features that the website will need to successfully reach the goal. For example, if you are an optician, you can have a page that lists the most positively reviewed glasses and another with general eye health information and advice. Some practitioners even offer the option of home visit. The most successful opticians make the most out of their websites with this type of content.

Sitemap and wireframe creation

At this stage, we can start digging into the sitemap that will define the interconnection among the previously defined content and features. This is a crucial design element of any healthcare website design process. We will use it to actively make users more likely to visit the pages we want them to visit. For example, if you are a podiatrist or an optician, the users will almost certainly want to learn about your educational background and skillset before they can begin to consider booking an appointment. A ‘Book now’ option is a perfect example of a call to action design element. For this, they will be drawn to an ‘About’ page that describes in you detail.


healthcare website design


Content creation

At Fit Londoners, we have a team of creative copywriters capable of delivering original and engaging copy to your audience. They will be in charge of the way your healthcare centre’s information is communicated to the visitors, ensuring they get the specific information they need as soon as they land on each page. For example, the location of the pharmacy will be among the first things users will want to learn. Even this will be communicated creatively, along with details of the nearest transportation which will only further solidify the overall healthcare website design.

Implementing visual elements

We get even more creative here as we are going to take care of everything that means video production, photography and overall aesthetic appeal. We offer video production services that will grab and sway your potential clients, convert, and make you stand out from the competition. Nowadays, video is regarded as the most effective medium in terms of information delivery. We are able to provide a video library that helps your practice shout louder. Moreover, our team can both curate and create images for your website. Here we refer to actual photographs, logos, and infographics. You will want your visitors to have access to a picture of you or your health clinic to get more accustomed to it. Also, if you are an optician, we can provide infographics that illustrate the effect of certain products on the eyes, or how certain eye conditions work. They will send out a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness.



PSD s Mockup

Here we will focus on producing designs based on the agreed specifications that host the content for the optimum user interface ( UI ) and user experience ( UX ) of your healthcare website design. Everything will be bespoke and original, so no second-hand premade templates. Throughout this phase, we cement the intentionality of the design using specific design elements to promote specific actions, such as booking a home visit with a practitioner.

Final feedback

Here we wrap up the project and make any necessary changes until you are perfectly happy with the result.

What benefits does it bring ?

At the end you will have a solid website that will act as a marketing tool and boost your online presence. You will gain credibility from the public and the number of clients will increase.

If you’re ready to start making those digital gains, we offer free consultations and audits for those looking to improve their branding and healthcare website design, simply click here to find out how to get started with us!

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