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Why are Yoga website designs so crucial nowadays?

Today, Yoga is regarded as more of a lifestyle rather than a mere form of exercise. The industry is booming and increasingly more people adopt Yoga every day, so the public demand for such specialised establishments and practitioners grows along. Based on research, the annual growth of the Yoga industry between the years 2013 and 2018 has been of 2% and is evidently expected to keep growing in the future and become increasingly mainstream over the upcoming five year period.

According to IBISWorld, the three main success factors for a Yoga & Pilates business are access to a highly skilled workforce, the ability to attract local support and a good overall reputation. It is obvious how these three are interconnected. But there is a certain need for a tool that moderates those, and that is a website. A professional looking website will act as a catalyst to the growth of your business by exposing it to the public, likely facilitating local support and thus attracting more highly skilled staff and passionate customers. This will inevitably propel your reputation.

Fit Londoners has 6 steps to give you an elegant Yoga website design

We are Fit Londoners, the world’s first digital gym. We work with clients in the health and fitness sectors. As a Yoga business, you meet our criteria perfectly. Our range of services span across domains such as e-commerce, video production, copywriting, and most importantly, website design. Like your success factors, these also go hand-in-hand with one another. Our team of creative professionals will put together an original yoga website design for you. Here are the 6 steps we take toward a successful project.

6 steps Restaurant website design project

We help you decide on your website’s goals

This is the point where we sit down with you (maybe in the lotus position) and go over the goal you wish your Yoga website design to achieve. The goal will help shape the overall look and function of your website. The basic aim will be to attract clients into joining your practice, so it is important that you know your target audience. For example, according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, the majority of Yoga adepts are females, making up 72.2% of the demographics. In terms of age, people of 18-34 and 35-54 both make up 40% each. This is data from the United States that can be used as a reliable point of reference. Considering this, the overall aesthetic appeal of your website’s design should be balanced for women between the ages of 18 and 54.


yoga website design


Scope of your website

Once we help you sort out your website’s goal, we go on to discussing its scope. Here we are going to talk about the pages and features the Yoga website design will need to live up to its goal. For example, you will want to attract members, so this means that you will need a page that allows them to register and book classes. Also, as a Yoga business, you might want a page that lays out a timetable showing upcoming classes. Your visitors will appreciate these features and will be even more inclined to join you.

Sitemap creation

The next step is the creation of your website’s sitemap. This will revolve around the interrelation among the pages and features available. The sitemap is an integral part of the overall UI (user interface) and UX (user experience), which will ensure that your website is functional, appealing, easy to use, and with the extremely effective call to action component. For example, the core of most Yoga website designs is the Home page because it informs your audience of your business and helps them become familiar with your brand. Another important asset would be a mobile-friendly website. We all know how much more time people spend on their smartphones and tablets. In today’s day and age, having a mobile-friendly site is an evident necessity.


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Creatively written content

This is where we get very creative. At Fit Londoners, we have a team of copywriters that can convert your business’s information in a manner that will further contribute to your traffic generation. For example, we can implement pages that emphasise the benefits other clients have seen by joining your practice, which will only make you seem more credible and eventually bring you more clients. Throughout this stage, we also focus on the proper SEO, so we can make sure that your website is ranked among the top Google search results.

We implement visual elements

As listed above, our services also include photography and videography, which will constitute an integral design element of the overall Yoga website design process. Videos on the one hand, can be extremely engaging, can increase your conversions by up to 80% according to research, and they create significant ROI (return on investment). The medium is considered the most effective learning tool and people are naturally more tempted to spend extensive time on your website. Furthermore, adding a few images to your design will further contribute to its overall aesthetic appeal. For example, as a Yoga website, you can include videos of people engaged in meditation, with a relaxing soundtrack. They will accurately depict the atmosphere people generally seek in Yoga practice. The same applies for images.



Final feedback

During the last stage, we will design a mock version of your website which you can have a look at and tell us what works for you and what doesn’t. This is to assess your satisfaction and make any necessary adjustments until you are perfectly happy with the result.

How does a website benefit you?

Businesses today need websites to sell what they have to offer in a unique way. They can improve potential clients’ ease of familiarising themselves with your practice, become members, and last but not least, websites help you become visible to the public and make you appear as professional as you are. Everything leads to you being indexed by google and being found by more people along the way.

If you’re ready to start making steps to , we offer free consultations and audits for those looking to improve their branding and fitness website design, simply click here to find out how to get started with us!

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