The importance of a proper medical Website design for organisations and practitioners

Why do health institutions need an enhanced medical website design?

The medical industry in the UK is incredibly vast and appears to be growing at an unprecedented pace. According to the Office for National Statistics, the healthcare system’s expenditure on both private and public establishments skyrocketed by an increase of 3.6% in 2016 as opposed to 2015, resulting in a total of £191.7 billion. While a percentage of 3.6 does not necessarily seem very large, it is quite substantial considering the colossal numbers. The sheer amount of funds speaks loudly enough about the vastness of the industry and the public need itself.

It is safe to say that in such an environment, the public needs to research in detail before choosing a place to be examined and treated. Whether they look for a GP (general practitioner), a private medical centre, a podiatrist or specific medical surgery information, at first they need to know whether they are NHS registered and be able to access reviews. It is imperative that for this, and certainly not only, there is a website that hosts all the necessary information. Here is where Fit Londoners come in. We can offer a most exquisite and professional looking-medical website design in a time and cost effective manner.

How Fit Londoners will put together a solid medical website design for you

Fit Londoners is the world’s first digital gym and we work with experts from the health and fitness industries. We offer a wide range of services that include digital marketing and website design. There are a series of steps we take toward the completion of a practical website of any type. We are very adaptable, and we can deliver types ranging from a GP (general practice) hub to, more specifically, a medical surgery website design. As professionals, there are a series of puzzle pieces we put together to achieve the most qualitative results.

Here are the 6 steps we take tailored toward a successful medical website design project.

6 steps Restaurant website design project

We identify the goal of your website.

During the first step, we conduct a meeting where we discuss the goal your organisation would like the website to achieve. The goal will naturally be that of exposing you and delivering information and practical use. However, more specifically, you might decide that a medical surgery website design if, for example, you are a podiatrist, will be the most effective. The website’s target audience will be varied, as every individual of any age is bound to eventually seek consultation. Healthcare is both a personal and a delicate topic, so it is crucial to build trust by providing genuine information. They will have the research tool available.


medical website design


We define the scope of your website

After the completion of the first step, we will proceed to define the scope of your medical website design. This step consists of settling on the pages and features the site will require to fulfill the goal. As an example, in the domain of healthcare, some useful features would be a calendar that allows you to book appointments, to make payments, a map that displays your clinic’s location and the most time and cost-effective means to get to it, or simply a page that displays bio information about all practitioners in an establishment. If you are an independent podiatrist and run your own clinic, you can use the website to provide information about your educational background.

We create your sitemap and wireframe

During this step, we will start designing the sitemap based on the scope we defined previously. The sitemap will reflect the interrelation between the site’s pages and features. This is a key part of the UX (user experience) element which will proactively make visitors more likely to navigate to pages we want them to visit. For example, in healthcare, it would be ideal if users could first familiarize themselves with your practice and then have the option to book an appointment. This will be part of the call to action design element, which is essentially an integral part of any professional medical website design.


medical website design


We create your content

The content on each of your website’s pages will be written from scratch in collaboration with you. We have a team of creative copywriters with a lot of inspiration who will put together content written in a creative and compelling manner that will engage your users. We will ensure that your clients get the specific information they are looking for as soon as they reach each page. For example, as mentioned before, almost everyone will want to read about you or your establishment, which means that they will be looking for an about page with detailed information about your skills and expertise. Throughout the process, we will also keep in mind the proper search engine optimization which will let Google rank your website among the top search results.

We implement visual elements

Creativity in any website’s design is a crucial element as it contributes greatly to the user’s desire to spend more time on it as it looks more original, innovative, and engaging. Visual elements consist of the design’s overall aesthetic appeal, a video library, and images. We always treat this as a top priority when it comes to proper medical website design, and yes, also offer a video production service. Our creative team will put together information in the most effective medium, videos, which are highly known and appreciated for their efficiency in increasing conversions significantly. For example, if you are a GP (general practitioner), an introductory video about yourself will come a long way to exposing you and building your visitors’ trust. If you are a larger establishment, the same can be applied, which would be a video that gives a little insight into the expertise of your practitioners. If, for example, you look for a medical surgery website design, you can include informative videos which illustrate the complexity of a procedure and how it is done. In terms of photography, our team can both curate and create original images, and then edit them with professional software such as Adobe Photoshop. It is a good idea for a medical institution to have a bio of all your practitioners, and naturally, there has to be a face next to the name, all as fundamental elements of any medical website design.



Final feedback – PSD Mockups

The creative team will put together designs based on the agreed specifications that house the content perfectly for optimum user interface and user experience. Everything will be bespoke and original. This step is dedicated towards cementing the intentionality of the design using specific design elements in each page to help promote specific actions, such as booking a consultation.

Towards the end, we are going to rely on your feedback in order to make all the necessary alterations until you are perfectly satisfied with the result.

How does a website benefit you?

The purpose of a website is that of providing exposure and practicality. It will be a highly efficient tool that will boost your online presence, build trust in your visitors and bring more along the way.

If you’re ready to start making those digital gains, we offer free consultations and audits for those looking to improve their branding and fmedical website design, simply click here to find out how to get started with us!

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