Amara Kanu is a great ambassador for female fitness. She inspires women throughout the ethnic community and beyond to love and appreciate their bodies.

In Late 2017 we had the opportunity to work with Amara on her Brand AK Healthy. Totally revamping her website and doing a bit of work on Branding by tweaking the her logo and developing a formal corporate Identity.

The end result was a clean sleek membership website with strong brand identity which housed Amara’s 3 main offerings.

Placing all of her products and services on the website in a logically way allowing the visitors to find what they wanted intuitively.

  1. Advertised her book
  2. Members only section which gave access to paying members only.
  3. Advertised her online personal training

We had a build a bespoke plugin to allow the membership pay gateway to integrate with one that would allow payments from all regions of Nigeria. This gave her key market audience access to her main offering.


Design, development, Blogs

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