DR Khan Turn Back Time Fitness

Getting into the foundation of human health and vitality with Dr Khan was a real growth experience. The amount of research we had to do to understand was amazing and something our copywriters revelled in!

The truth is that DNA fitness is concerned with the very building blocks of our being. Keep them health may just be the key to longer healthier, happier lives.

It’s always great to work with a team that are on the cusp of a new trend!
Kitting out the website with a health ecommerce store which they can sell there supplements and the Doctors informative book Dr Khan Turn back time. We also created a membership area functionality allowing there clients to pay for exclusive content such as training videos, celebrity blogs and recipes.

Doctors are notorious busy doing an amazing job, helping people feel better. So we worked to get the website done with minimal disturbances to his already packed schedule.

Design, development, branded assets, copywriting

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DR Khan Turn Back Time Fitness
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