PDC Healthcare

PDC has been a trusted partner to international healthcare organisations for more than 55 years providing latest in technology for patient identification, medical labelling, medical imaging supplies, orthopaedic supplies and non-acute care products in the safety and delivery of treatments at critical points in delivery of care. Their products and services are used by 90% of Hospitals in the United States.

PDC healthcare had revamped their website, but required a clear approach to gathering and harnessing leads from social media channels. Since a vast majority of their business relies on ongoing contracts with multi-nationals and chains, creating social outlets for conversion was challenging.

Our Approach: We used our team of social media management experts to research the client markets, identify the user base and the type of information the audience find engaging, and the times of the day the audience engaged with posts. We developed a campaign that featured “call now” advertisements and regular posts based on essential product offers required on a day to day basis.

Deliverables: We delivered a wholesome campaign on Facebook, increasing user base by 15%, we created some engaging repurposed content for their YouTube channels, and curated content for their LinkedIn. Overall we increased online customer base by 17% and our permanent retention on the campaign was 73%. PDC continues to develop innovative healthcare technology and solutions for real patients, now with a progressive social footprint.

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