Sky Fit


Sky Fit is a USA based fitness company specialising in running classes at their unique fitness centre based in Tulsa. They offer one-to-one fitness coaching, class workouts, strength and conditioning training, diet planning, nutrition, yoga, pilates and other unique services in Tulsa.
We worked with SkyFit, in 2017, launching their social offering and propelling them to the next level. With a recently launched website, they required solid social media platforms to drive and
convert traffic.

Our Approach:

Since competition for fitness in USA is stiff, we had our team of SMM experts thoroughly research the competitor market, analyse trends and increase optimisation.We then worked with our designers to create social profile images and banner photos, so all the social channels were in line with the SkyFit branding. Our SMM experts created & used unique images & content to engage social traffic.

When it comes to Social Media Management, uniqueness of content plays a vital role in the engagement of any Social Posts. Apart from regular updates on social channels our SMM Experts also promoted SkyFit’s website Blog Posts & News Updates in Social Groups to keep the audience more active.


We had to create a large amount of content for Youtube, as there was a lot of competition, our posts had to be uniquely engaging and wholesome.


Slick looking youtube channel, with fresh new content with thousands of views. Exciting facebook page, thousands of followers and compelling content all flowing with the brand image.

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