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Why quality Restaurant website design matters

A restaurant is so much more than a place to simply make reservations or order food. It is a chance to solidify your brand, display your brilliant meals and show off the restaurant itself. In this era where people are perpetually connected to the internet and their devices, restaurant goers are looking for and recommending Instagram worthy restaurants. This means your presentation needs to appeal to their sensibilities both online and on social media. This is key as 57% of diners will visit your website before coming to dine with you. A visual pleasing restaurant website design coupled this with SEO optimised content will help you rank higher on search engines. This will result in more traffic to your elegantly designed site and ultimately more sales.

Stand out from the crowd

The thrill of discovering a new restaurant is something we can all relate to. In a vibrant city of millions like London, there’s always something new to discover. With people becoming increasingly reliant on technology, having a restaurant website design that stands out is vital.


A change in times

While previously people tended to rely on more traditional methods such as newspaper reviews. In the digital era, search engines and social media platforms are becoming increasingly important. Studies show that 51% of customers find new restaurants through the internet, most commonly through search engines. Furthermore, eating out has become a social activity with young women in particular sharing posts of their meals and using Instagram to discover new restaurants. With this shift towards the digital, having a bespoke restaurant website design and a strong social media presence is vital in bringing you new customers.


How can we help with your restaurant website design?

We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating bespoke websites. Our team know what design elements will resonate with your customers and drive engagement. Your restaurant website design needs to grab the attention of potential customers looking for a place to eat. Our team know the right design elements to use that will bring results and convert traffic into bookings.

Here are the 6 steps we take tailored toward a successful Restaurant website design project

6 steps towards an elegant Restaurant website design project

Understanding your website’s goals

Working out what the goals are for your website let’s us create a bespoke restaurant website design that caters to your needs. If you run an upscale restaurant that caters to diners with expensive tastes, then your website needs to be a place where potential customers can get a clear idea of the culinary experience on offer. Alternatively, if your business focuses more on deliveries, then the design elements will be geared to displaying your menu and leading visitors to a page where they can place their orders.



Scope of your website

With the goals established, the next stage is defining the scope of the website. At this stage we consider what features and pages to include in the restaurant website design. A good feature to include could be a check-out widget that allows customers to add items from your menu to a checkout basket. This would enable them to place their orders quickly and with ease. Another option to consider would be a gallery page that would give diners a look at your restaurant as well as beautifully captured images of your menu. It’s particularly useful with customers looking for trendy locations and meals to add to their social media posts.

Creating a good sitemap

Having laid out the vision for the website, it’s time to dig into the backend. The sitemap of your restaurant’s website is key to the user experience (UX). A friendly user interface (UI) will make it easy for visitors to navigate your website and find what they’re looking for. Careful design in this stage of the process will help direct visitors to pages you want them to visit and convert traffic into sales. A menu page is especially useful for a restaurant website. Typical PDF menus often lead to frustration and more often than not are inaccessible on mobile devices. With 60% of internet access being mobile, having a mobile friendly website is a necessity. If you do deliveries, then leading customers that come to your homepage to a page where they can place an order will help increase sales. Alternatively, adding a feature that allows customers to book a reservation on your homepage could increase conversions.



Content is king

All this groundwork lays the foundation to garnish your restaurant website design with gorgeous content to whet the appetite of prospective restaurant goers. A good chef understands the value of presentation when creating a dish and so too with, restaurant website design. It is crucial to nail this aspect of the design process. Research show that 38% of users will stop engaging with a website if the content is unattractive. This fact highlights the need for well-written and designed content. Additionally, there is a need for content that is SEO optimised. Doing so will ensure that your website ranks high in search engine results. This is of particular use as many diners look for their next restaurant to try online. This focussed approach to content creation will ensure that visitors will immediately find the information they’re looking for, improving the UX on your website.

Harness the power of visuals

The power of visual elements cannot be understated and this is especially true when it comes to restaurant website design. Eating is on many levels a visual experience as well as a gustatory one. Many of the best restaurant websites invest a lot of effort on beautiful, lavish and enticing visuals that look so good you could almost reach out and eat them. They do so with good reason, because appealing visuals speak directly to Millennials and generate strong ROI. At Fit Londoners, we have all the tools necessary to create powerful and compelling imagery for your website. From food photographs to videos putting on show the great atmosphere and service down to the individual design elements. We will create original content for your website that will appeal to your target audience and drive conversions.



Final feedback

This is the final stage of the design process. We present you a mock-up of the website and give your feedback our undivided attention. Once we’ve made the necessary revisions and you are perfectly happy with the result, the website will be ready to go live.

What do you gain from a Restaurant Website Design ?

If you’re ready to start making those digital gains we offer free consultations and audits to anyone looking to improve their restaurant website design, simply click here to find out how to get started with us

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