The importance of a proper sport website design for sport institutions

Why the need for a professional sport website design?

The sports club industry in the UK is vast and rapidly growing, but sports club participation is not necessarily proportionate. The industry contains a variety of sports clubs; large professional clubs, such as teams in the Premier League, to semi-professional and amateur ones. According to the IBISWorld website, low sports participation caused smaller clubs to struggle, but revenue is still expected to grow. The increase in health awareness has compelled people to exercise, leading to higher demand, but industry funding is limited by tight government budgets.

It is evident that the industry is facing challenges but certain tools can help alleviate the issue. One of those tools would be a website, which is essentially aimed at boosting exposure and visibility. All sports clubs, especially amateur ones, have to benefit from one. All in all, a sport website design is fundamental.

Fit Londoners can offer you the sport website design you need in 6 steps

At Fit Londoners, we are the world’s first digital gym, and our services include crafting digital marketing campaigns and websites. We work within the health and fitness sectors, which implies that sports clubs and all sport institutions meet our criteria. We can provide you with a sports website design that will come a long way in raising public’s awareness. Here are the 6 steps we take toward a successful project.

6 steps Restaurant website design project

Deciding on your website’s goal

The first part of the process involves identifying the website’s goal and who will use it. For example, the main goal will most likely be to attract your target audience and progressively compel them to become a member. Another example would be providing tips and advice about, not getting tired too quickly during a game of Tennis. As a sports club, this type of information will serve as proof of its collective knowledge. Alternatively, you can ask for a standalone sport events website design, or even make it an extension of a larger website.


sport website design


Setting the website’s scope

Once we know the site’s goal, we can define the scope of the project. This refers to the pages and features it will need to reach said goal. In the context of a sports club, an interesting feature would be a timeline that shows upcoming sporting events or a forum where the community can debate current events.

Creating the sitemap and wireframe

At this point, we are going to have a solid goal and scope, which will allow us to proceed to the sitemap creation. This is a crucial design element for any sport website design. In essence, the sitemap will define the interrelation between the pages and features. This will be a key part of the overall flow and user experience. We will proactively use this to make users more likely to visit pages we want them to visit via the call to action part of the design. For example, visitors will want to see up-to-date achievements of a club, so we will provide them with a page that provides the information.


sport website design


Creating your content

We have a team of creative copywriters with a lot of inspiration, capable of bending words to their will and delivering engaging copy. They will manage the content of each page accordingly and will ensure that the visitors have the specific information they are looking for readily available. For example, information about the sports club’s owner will be among the first aspects they will be looking for. We will collaborate with the owner to acquire the information and then relay it to the audience. Throughout this process, we will also manage the proper search engine optimisation (another important element in a sport website design) so Google will rank the website among the top search results.

Adding visual elements

This is where the creative side of the project flourishes. When we say visual elements, we mean videos, images, and the overall original and innovative aesthetic appeal of the design. We offer a video production service that will attract visitors, make them spend more time on your website, potentially compel them to become members, and of course, increase conversions. Imagine an inspirational video of happy people enjoying the sport your club is specialised in, or a promotional video of an upcoming sporting event. It would bring a lot of benefits. In terms of photography, our team can both curate and create images. It would be a good idea to include photographs of the current club members alongside short bios. This will convey your identity and always comes in handy in every sport website design.



Final feedback

The feedback is the last stage. Here we tinker with the website’s details until you are completely happy with the result.

PSD Mockups

The team will work on producing designs based on the previously agreed specifications that house the content perfectly for optimum user interface ( UI ) and user experience ( UX ). There will be no second-hand templates, everything will be bespoke and original. During this phase, we make the final touches on the design using specific design elements in pages to help promote specific actions, such as completing a survey that assesses the user’s passion about the sport the club is specialised in.

How does a website benefit you?

The website will act as a marketing tool. It will increase your online visibility and attract audience. Ultimately, it will boost your sports club’s popularity and very likely bring new members.

If you’re ready to start making those digital gains, we offer free consultations and audits for those looking to improve their branding and sport website design, simply click here to find out how to get started with us!

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