The benefits of a bespoke Workout Website Workout Website Design in this Digital Era

Why invest in a professional workout website design?

The world is filled with massive gyms and all kind of fitness centres that offer ridiculously wide ranges of workout types. Those span across types such as strength training all the way to swimming and yoga and essentially everything else there is. It makes a lot of sense, because they are large enough to provide the needed people with expertise and the required facilities. But, lately, boutique gyms have been emerging victorious over large gyms, and their numbers have been increasing. In the current context, a workout website design for your boutique gym is just as important an element as the gym itself.

A small introduction to people, boutique gyms, and workout website design

According to the New York Post, a decade ago, the fitness industry was dominated by neighbourhood gyms and merely a few specialty studios. Those are essentially boutique gyms, which as opposed to large fitness centers, are smaller but specialised on a specific category of exercise. Nowadays, boutique studios really have skyrocketed and make up a very large portion of the current fitness industry. It is useful to point out that most of the public’s demand comes from millennials, as opposed to generation x people (people born in the 60s – 70s). Normally, people reaching young adulthood have preferences at most times. Some have interests in MMA, which drives them to MMA studios. Others are simply mostly inclined toward kick boxing, crossfit, calisthenics, gymnastics, etc. So it makes sense that instead of joining a large gym that offers a little bit of everything with approximate knowledge, they decide to join a smaller boutique gym which is specialised in their main interest. For this, you evidently need a solid workout website design. There is a number of reasons why people tend to choose smaller gyms. For one thing, staff from boutique workout studios get closer to their members, making everything feel more personal because everything is more tightly focused and exclusive. For another thing, the trainers’ specialized knowledge in the area makes the overall training quality better.

Why are workout website designs important for boutique workout studios?

Since the number of boutique workout studios is growing, it means that so it the competition. We already know that they are not short on demand, considering how many people, especially young adults, choose them over large fitness centers. In a competitive environment, there is need of a website to catalyse your marketing efforts and make you visible to your target audience. Think about it: in this industry, your target audience will be millennials, and they are known for sharing a lot of things on their social media accounts. With this, a website will work even more in your favour. Also, most such establishments have websites, so not having one would render you overshadowed and invisible. This is where we come in.

Who are we and how can we help with your workout website design?

We are Fit Londoners, the world’s first digital gym. Our specialty is the health and fitness sector. As a boutique workout studio, you fit right on point. We have over three years of digital marketing experience in the fitness industry. Our range of services are tightly focused on qualitative digital marketing campaigns, and we thrive on out creativity and technical expertise. If you are a fitness centre or a robust workout routine that can be packaged and sold digitally, you can come to us to get your digital gains!

Here are the 6 steps we take tailored toward a successful workout website design project

6 steps Restaurant website design project

Understanding the goals of your website

The first step towards a successful workout website design is deciding upon its goals and target audience. The basic goal of a workout website is attracting visitors from that audience. For example, the target in this context would be millennials, based on the explanations made above. The overall layout of your website should be based on your understanding of what is most engaging for young adults.


Workout Website Design


Scope of your website

This is the second step and consists of deciding on the website’s scope. Here we are going to discuss the pages and features that will ensure your website reaches the goal we previously decided. For example, if you aim at increasing your number of members, it would be a good idea to implement a registration page as part of the workout website design effort where people can create accounts and gain full access to what the site has to offer. Another good idea would be a video library that shows samples of the types of classes and summarise what they consist of. This will ensure a smooth interaction between your visitors and your website. We offer a video service, but that step comes along a bit later.

Creating a good sitemap

After the scope of your website is secured, we are going to start working on your sitemap. This is a crucial part of the overall UI ( User Interface ) and UX ( User Experience ), which will make sure that the entire network of pages and features is properly laid out, comprehensive and contains call to action components. A good sitemap is crucial when it comes to a professional workout website design, for statistics show that 38% of users will stop interacting with website that is unresponsive and displeasing to their eyes. For example, in all cases, it is of utmost importance that websites have an easily accessible Home page that informs the users of what it has to offer and compels them to spend more time on the site.


Workout Website Design


We create your content

At Fit Londoners, we have a team of creative geniuses who will bend words to their will and tailor your content to what you have to offer so you can engage visitors. For example, this can include pages that inform visitors of specific types of physical exercise, and list the variety of benefits of each and how they work. This works for any boutique workout studio, be it gymnastics-focused or boxing. This will show that your knowledge is undeniable and your credibility will have a lot to benefit from it. While creating your content, we also keep SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation is crucial for a workout website design ) in the back of our heads so that your website will be ranked as high as possible among Google search results.

Your website’s visual elements

This is the step where we take care of the videos mentioned earlier. And not only that, but we take care of photographs and other images as well, but let us lead on with videography for the time being. Again, you will aim your website at young adults, and they are ridiculously well known for how much time they spend searching, watching and sharing videos. They are their favourite learning medium. We offer a video production service that will allow your website to cater to their needs in innovative ways and generate increases in conversions. Regardless of the type of workout the site revolves around, it can show, for examples, videos of happy people training and socializing, underlining the overall pleasant atmosphere of the community. Some workout website designs out there even have free workout videos for visitors to use at home, and the best part is that they can also be monetized so they bring you a new source of revenue. As for photography, our team can both curate and create photographs that will build up on your website’s facilities. The photography and videography elements will make up an innovative content strategy and will play a huge part in traffic generation, bringing significant ROI (Return on Investment).



Final feedback

At the end, we are going to design a mock version of the website which you can have a look at and tell us whether it lives up to the way you envisioned it. We are going to make any necessary changes and final touches until you are 100% happy with the result.

What do you have to gain from having a website?

First of all, almost every business has one. So not having one not only does not help you, but it might also cause damage. If people cannot research you properly, they have virtually no reason to choose you, which is odd because the lack of a website would not even let the know there is someone to research about to begin with. But if you have a solid website and you make the most out of it, it will expose you, generate traffic and clients, and it will be indexed by Google, making it even easier for people to find you. It is a cycle that fuels itself when built effectively.

If you’re ready to start making those digital gains, we offer free consultations and audits for those looking to improve their branding and fitness website design, simply click here to find out how to get started with us!

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